Other Services


Valuations are an essential part of our business and our valuation staff are always pleased to give an opinion. This can take the form of a quick phone call for our initial thoughts or you can bring the vehicle along to us for a more accurate view. We are happy to give a valuation free of charge and with no obligation to enter the vehicle into one of our sales. Use our Free Valuation Tool to find out how much your vehicle is worth.

Collect and Deliver

We see collection and delivery as a vital part of our business. It is always our aim to provide our customers with collections and deliveries which are on time and cost effective. We operate our own transporters and trade-plate drivers. For specialist collections we have long-standing relationships with local contractors. From single collections, to multi-car pick-ups, to moving individual pieces of plant, please give us a call or drop us an email on transport@eama-norwich.co.uk - you will be surprised just how little we charge to move a vehicle in Norfolk.

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Valeting and Trade Name Deletion (TND)

We offer a comprehensive valeting and TND services. Presenting a vehicle for sale in it's best condition is a very important factor in achieving the maximum resale value. We offer valeting services ranging from a basic wash-and-hoover to a full valet.

If you are selling a vehicle which has your company logos over it TND is essential, we are delighted to undertake this for you. Quotes are available once we have looked at the vehicle.

On site Auctions

On site auctions always create a huge amount of interest with fantastic auction results. If you are thinking of selling a number of assets, for whatever reason, this could prove a very effective means of disposal. For confidential advice please contact Chris Beckett either by phone or via cbeckett@eama-norwich.co.uk.