Buyer's Premiums

Online casinos are taking their advertising game to the next level by sponsoring popular car auctions. These events attract thousands of participants and viewers, making it a prime opportunity for online gambling platforms to gain more exposure and increase their customer base. With the rise of online gambling as well as highest paying online casino, it's no surprise that these companies are willing to invest in high-profile sponsorships that will help them stand out from the competition. One such example is the partnership between an online casino and a renowned car auction house. The event was not only successful but also attracted several new customers who were interested in both cars and gambling. The highest paying online casino sponsored the auction, which was held in a highly visible location, ensuring maximum visibility for their brand. It's safe to say that this sponsorship deal was beneficial for all parties involved as it helped both businesses achieve their marketing objectives and reach out to new audiences.

Hammer Price Buyer's Premium
£0 - £299 £100.00+VAT
£300 - £499 £130.00+VAT
£500 - £999 £175.00+VAT
£1,000 - £1,499 £195.00+VAT
£1,500 - £1,999 £215.00+VAT
£2,000 - £2,499 £235.00+VAT
£2,500 - £2,999 £255.00+VAT
£3,000 - £3,499 £275.00+VAT
£3,500 - £3,999 £295.00+VAT
£4,000 - £4,499 £315.00+VAT
£4,500 - £4,999 £335.00+VAT
£5,000 - £5,499 £355.00+VAT
£5,500 - £5,999 £375.00+VAT
£6,000 - £6,499 £395.00+VAT
£6,500 - £6,999 £415.00+VAT
Hammer Price Buyer's Premium
£7,000 - £7,499 £435.00+VAT
£7,500 - £7,999 £455.00+VAT
£8,000 - £8,499 £475.00+VAT
£8,500 - £8,999 £495.00+VAT
£9,000 - £9,499 £515.00+VAT
£9,500 - £9,999 £535.00+VAT
£10,000 - £10,499 £555.00+VAT
£10,500 - £10,999 £575.00+VAT
£11,000 - £11,499 £595.00+VAT
£11,500 - £11,999 £615.00+VAT
£12,000 - £12,499 £635.00+VAT
£12,500 - £12,999 £655.00+VAT
£13,000 - £13,499 £675.00+VAT
£13,500 - £13,999
£14,000 - £14,499
£20.00+VAT per £500.00 thereafter

Example:   Hammer Price = £2,600.00   >   Buyer's Premium = £255.00+VAT (£306.00)   >   Total = £2,906.00

Important: The buyer's premiums above are for our Budget, General, and Commercial auctions. Some vendors/sales have their own buyer's premiums which may differ. If a vehicle has a different buyer's premium it will be stated on its vehicle entry page. Specialist sales such as our Classic Auction or Plant & Machinery Auction will have their buyer's premiums stated on their sales pages. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us on 01953 859180 or via

Gambling and luxury go hand in hand, and online casinos are taking this to another level by sponsoring car auctions. These auctions attract a high-end clientele who are interested in bidding on rare and exotic cars. By partnering with these events, online casinos such as can target a wealthy demographic that is likely to enjoy the thrill of gambling. The partnership between online casinos and car auctions is mutually beneficial. The auction companies benefit from the sponsorship deals as they receive financial support for their events, which allows them to host bigger and better auctions. On the other hand, gamblers get access to exclusive events where they can network with other like-minded individuals while enjoying the excitement of bidding on high-end cars. In addition to sponsoring car auctions, some online casinos also offer their clients exclusive packages that include tickets to these events. This type of offering appeals not only to gambling enthusiasts but also auto enthusiasts who desire access to prestigious car collections.