Some updates!

26th October 2020

We've got a great week lined up this week, with some important new information for our customers.

- Firstly, we will now accept a maximum of £2,000 cash. This will include a flat-fee of £20 on anything over £500.

- Secondly, our Commercial Auctions will now start at 10:00am to ensure that we do not run-over 12:00pm when our Premier vehicle sale starts.

We are looking forward to our Police Auction tomorrow from 12:00pm, with our usual Budget Car Auction following immediately after.

Thursday this week will then see our Premier Vehicle sale at 12:00pm, followed on by our new Friday Sale on Friday from 12:00pm*

*Our Friday Sale is a new sale which has been introduced to give a second chance to buyers on unsold vehicles from the week which have had their reserves either dropped, or removed completely.