Buying at EAMA

The process is actually very simple, so a potential buyer shouldn't feel intimidated. Although primarily fulfilling a trade function, our sales are
open to the general public. This page is intended to provide guidance to
private buyers at auction.

Buying at auctions gives you an opportunity to buy at market or trade value.
There are lots of vehicles for sale in one place during a given period of time.
Throughout the course of a week we offer a huge selection of vehicles in
price ranges to suit all budgets.

Vehicles come from local and national fleet operators, government departments, authorities, finance houses, main agents, independent car dealers and
private individuals.

Auctions are exciting events. Full of atmosphere, they combine the hunt for the bargain, the thrill of the chase, and the anticipation of making a winning bid.

However, if you've never bought anything at auction we also understand you may have a few questions. Below we have listed what we consider to be key points to remember when buying from us. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to give us a call on 01953 859180 and we will be happy to help.


Important points to be aware of when buying at auctions

1. All our auctions are open to the public so feel free to attend as many sales as you like before buying. This will give a real insight into how everything works and gives us a chance to answer any questions which may arise.

2. Arrive at the auction in good time, this will give you an opportunity to check out the vehicles you are interested in. We will be pleased to show you the vehicle's paper-work prior to sale. Auctions are fast-moving events so the more time you allow before sale, the more time you have to consider your potential purchase.

3. East Anglian Motor Auctions guarantees you good title to any vehicle you buy from us and vehicles are checked against HPI Car Data Check. In the unlikely event that a vehicle should ever turn out to be stolen or have an undisclosed third party interest which cannot be resolved East Anglian Motor Auctions will return your purchase money.

4. Be aware of our conditions of sale remember the majority of vehicles we sell are sold as seen.

5. We are a "drive through sale" and there is a limited opportunity to hear the vehicle started and examine the engine just prior to be driven into the auction hall. We would always advise potential buyers to take advantage of this time and if you have a friend with mechanical knowledge it is a good idea to bring them along.

6. Buyer's fee - Remember there will be a buyer's fee on top of the sale price so take this into account when working your budget out. For up to date details of these sliding charges please contact our offices.

7. Read the notice on the windscreen. All the relevant information will be on it. Year of manufacture, make, and model, if there is any MOT or road tax. However be aware, sometimes things can change so at the time of sale always listen to the auctioneer's description as this is the one you will buy under.

8. Auctioneers do not always spot unfamiliar bidders so make sure that your bid is noticed.

9. Speedo/odometer readings - If the seller states the speedo reading as correct, the auctioneer will announce this at the time of sale. If the auctioneer says nothing regarding the speedo reading then you must take the speedo to be incorrect. Odometer readings are only warranted as accurate if announced by the auctioneer at the time of sale. In all other cases odometer readings are not WARRANTED or INCORRECT and should not be relied upon.

10. Service History - Always check a vehicle's history prior to sale. Never assume because a seller has stated a mileage that it is correct that there is history. Histories can take different forms so it always pays to inspect a vehicle's history prior to sale to avoid any disappointments.

11. VAT - When buying commercial vehicles or plant beware they may be subject to VAT. If this is the case VAT (at the standard rate) will be added to the bid price.

12. If the auctioneers say as the hammer is brought down the sale is "provisional" or "subject" this means the reserve has not been met and the offer received in the sale room will be phoned through to the seller to see if they wish to accept it.

13. "On the VCAR register" - If a vehicle is described as being on the VCAR register this means it has been subject to an insurance total loss at some time in it's life.

14. Payment - Once you have secured a vehicle and your offer has been accepted we will require a cash deposit of £300. Your final account can be settled by cash or debit card. Our preferred method of payment is debit card, please be aware we are unable to accept cash payments of over £9000. Payment must be received in full within 24 hours of a vehicle's sale. Cash payments over £500 will attract a surcharge. Dealers can also use the NextGear Capital Stocking Plan here.

15. Insurance - from the fall of the hammer, or the acceptance of your bid in a provisional sale, the responsibility for the vehicle is yours. Accordingly you must usually effect the necessary insurance arrangements even while the vehicle remains on site.

16. Roadworthiness - Before any vehicle is driven on the road; it is the purchasers' responsibility to check that it is in a roadworthy condition and conforms to all requirements in law.

17. Please don't be afraid to ask questions even if you are on the auction floor and the sale is in progress - once the hammer has fallen it is too late for questions.